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  • Microprocessor-based control technology.
  • Controls most Pandjiris DC motors.
  • For longitudinal welding and circumferential welding.
  • Solid-state circuitry.
  • Easy-to-read digital display.
  • User-friendly front panel layout.
  • Closed-loop control for higher accuracy and stability.
  • Large mushroom head emergency stop switch increases safety.
  • Additional "Arc Start" outputs allow for multiple and tandem arc or starting ancillary equipment such as oscillators and flux recovery units.

Processor: Intel@ 80C 196KC, 16Mhz.
Display: 2x2O line backlit LCD.
Outputs: (1) Analog, (8) Digital, (3) Form C Relay Contacts.
Inputs: (1) Analog, (8) Digital.
Input Power: 120V, I phase, 60HZ.
Operator Manual Functions:
  • Jog Fwd/Rev (at preset jog speeds).
  • Jog Rapid Fwd/Rev (at preset rapid speed).
  • Maintained Fwd/Rev Rapid Movement.
  • Weld Start/Stop.
Programmed Sequence Functions (Operator Screen):
  • Travel Speed.
  • Weld Timer On/Off.
  • Weld Time.
  • Travel Start Delay.
  • Travel Stop Delay.
  • Pass Counter (PVSC-C Only, Requires Limit Switch)
  • Diameter (PVSC-C Only)
Programmed Sequence Functions (Initial Set-Up Screen):
  • Auto Torch Lift On/Off.
  • Torch Lower Delay Time.
  • Torch Lift Delay Time.
  • Return Home On/Off.
  • Home Delay Time.
  • Rapid Speed %.
  • Jog Rev. Speed %.
  • Jog Fwd. Speed %.
  • Finger Release On/Off (PVSC-L Only).


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Pandjiris EZ LinkŪ Series Controllers

Microprocessor-Based Controls
Pandjiris' EZ LinkŪ Series Controllers are user-friendly, microprocessor-based controllers designed to provide flexibility for the operator. The EZ LinkŪ Controllers put automated equipment control functions at your fingertips. Welding and motion functions are coordinated in an easy-to-use package.

EZ LinkŪ Series Controllers are perfect for upgrades and retrofitting your existing equipment, whether it's Pandjiris or another manufacturer.

The front panel layout includes an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. Custom-designed software permits a wide range of programmed sequence configurations.


Longitudinal Welding: The PVSC-L controller is standard on all Pandjiris travel carriages. Speed control, travel start and stop delays can be preset. The PVSC-L will control both the travel carriage and initiation of the weld sequence. Weld length can be controlled by a timer or limit switch. An automatic home sequence can also be programmed.

Circumferential Welding: The PVSC-C controller is designed for circumferential systems, including precision lathes, positioners, and head-and-tailstock systems. Like the PVSC-L, the controller includes speed control, travel start and stop delays, and the ability to initiate the weld sequence. The PVSC-C controller automatically adjusts surface travel speed based on the part diameter input by the operator. A pass counter permits multi-pass welding with an optional limit switch arrangement.

Contact your local Pandjiris representative or our St. Louis office to find out how the EZ LinkŪ Series Controller will make your life EZ'er!

Enclosure Dimensions:EZ-Link Panel

Height: 14.75"
Width: 12"
Depth: 8.5"
Weight: 17 Ibs.

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