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Pandjiris/Lincoln Electric Teamwork Single Source Automation Solutions

"Manipulator system integrated with Power Wave® AC/DC1000® SD for welding structural beams "

"Seam welder system integration with Power Wave ® AC/DC1000® SD for welding steel storage tanks."

"Manipulator system integrated with Power Wave ® AC/DC1000® SD and Power Wave® S500 GMAW for welding ASME code vessels"

"40' heavy duty side beam and carriage integrated with Power Wave® AC/DC Welding Package for welding lift truck components"

"Series 1400 and 1600 Manipulators integrated with Power Wave® AC/DC Weld Packages for state-of-the -art railcar plant."

"Fully Automated side beam system integrated with Power Wave® AC/DC Weld Package to weld rail car sills."

"Fourteen - fully integrated manipulator systems and fourteen sets of Power Wave® Tandem AC/DC Weld Packages for a leading railroad tank car manufacturer."

"Flat sheet seamer integrated with Power Wave® AC/DC Packages for welding railcar panels."

"Automatic MIG pipe welding station integrated with Power Wave®/STTR Weld Package for pipe welding pipe shops"

"Fully automated side beam system integrated with NA-5 Control and DC-600 Power Source for welding HVAC pressure vessels."

"Fully integrated heavy duty manipulator system with Power Wave® AC/DC Weld Package for welding stainless steel tanks."

"Automated system for overlay of propulsion shaft with Power Wave® AC/DC Weld Package."

"Automated weld lathe system integrated with two single wire SAW weld packages for overlay of steel mill caster rolls."


12 Meter Flatsheet Seamer for Sale!

Pandjiris’ 12M Flatsheet Seamers features:

  • Automated carriage controls (Model VSC-21-12 Carriage)for use with Tandem SUB-ARC weld package
  • Copper back-up bar with Flux backing groove
  • Pneumatic seam alignment gauges
  • Sheet elevators
  • Available to ship in 12-14 weeks!
  • Favorable pricing!

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    For pricing information contact our sales department!


  • Robotic Paper Roll Unloader for Sale!

    Pandjiris’ Robotic Paper Roll Unloader:

  • Designed to unload and automatically position various sizes of paper rolls from slitting machines and similar types of paper production machines.
  • Designed to facilitate 1,200 pounds without operator intervention.*
  • Reduces manpower and potentially hazardous material handling practices.
  • After programming, simply push the start button.
  • All steel manipulator with five programmable axes.
  • Dimensions: Overall height is 15'8" with maximum floor space of 276.5 square feet.
  • *Other sizes and modifications are available!*
  • Favorable pricing!

    For pricing information contact our sales department!


  • Click for PDF file.

    Mini Pro® Circumferential Weld Lathe

    Pandjiris is excited to announce and introduce a new Mini Pro® Circumferential Weld Lathe for applications needing a small, sturdy and versatile Weld Lathe.

    It consists of the Mini Pro® Positioner, Tailstock with live center, locking slide base to accommodate 1" to 24" part lengths, Torch support, machine base and available options. Load capacity is 700 pounds.

    Designed and built solely in the USA.


    Click for PDF file.

    Touch & Weld Advanced System Controllers

    Pandjiris is excited to announce a new series of “Touch and Weld Advanced System Controllers” for SAW, GTAW, GMAW, and FCAW. The new controllers are a PLC-based control designed to give the operator complete system control,flexibility, program storage, and simplicity at his finger tips..


    Click for PDF file.

    EZ Link® Series Oscillators

    Pandjiris’ EZ Link® Series Oscillators is a user-friendly, microprocessor-based controller designed to provide flexibility for the operator. The EZ Link® Oscillator puts automated equipment control functions at your fingertips.Pandjiris EZ Link® Oscillator uses a Stepper Motor to provide a high levelof repeatability and process control.
    The EZ Link® Series Oscillator is perfect for upgrades and retrofitting your existing equipment, whether it’s Pandjiris or another manufacturer.

    For more information contact our sales department!.


    Click here for PDF File

    Robotic Head Stock

    Table-top model robotic head stock.

    • Expands Pandjiris' product line and services further into the robotics field.
    • For indexing applications where repeated precise positioning of the work piece is necessary, or
    • For applications requiring fully coordinated motion between the robot and the headstock.
    • Provides simple integration for the remote indexing and jogging control.
    • Compatible with most robots.
    • Load Capacity: 1200 lb. @ 12"
    • Rotation Torque: 3,800 inch pounds
    • Rotation Speed: Up to 13 RPM
    • Table Diameter: 15"
    • Backlash (Max.): 1 arc minute


    Highlighted in February 2002
    Welding Design and Fabrication

    Seamer makes longitudinal welds

    Weld Lathe makes circumferential welds

    Click here for PDF File

    System for Welding Cylinders

    A manufacturer of steel cylinders for fire suppression systems wanted to move from using heavy wall pipe cut to length with end caps welded on both ends. They wanted a new manufacturing line of equipment to produce tanks from raw plate which is rolled, seam welded, end cap welded and then x-ray tested with an output of (5) 24" diameter full length tanks per hour. The pressure cylinders range in size from 10.75" I.D. to 30" O.D. and are produced to DOT 4 BW specifications.

    Pandjiris provided a Model 60E5.2-30 seamer for the longitudinal weld and a weld lathe for the circumferential welds on the end caps. The seamer was fitted with SAW welding equipment and a flux recovery system. A Pandjiris EZ Link™ Series Controller controls the carriage and provides the automatic sequence. A manual height adjustable scissors lift cart is used for shell conveyance between the seamer and an endo conveyor line. The lift cart rides on V-groove casters on 10' V track to position the workpiece into the seamer throat.

    The weld lathe was specifically designed to accommodate three workpiece diameters. It welds both circumferential welds for the endcaps simultaneously. The workpieces are fabricated from mild steel material, approximately 1/4" thick. The lathe is mounted with two SAW weld packages and flux recovery systems as well as two seam trackers.

    The weld lathe is designed to support and rotate the workpieces using three sets of dedicated/vacuum end cap fixtures. Prior to clamping the workpiece between the head and tailstock faceplates, the workpiece shell is supported on two pneumatic work supports. The work supports are equipped with ball transfer rollers to allow the operator to align the horizontal shell seam prior to welding the end caps circumferentially. The tailstock rides on precision rollers on a cold rolled steel track blade to allow the operator to move the tailstock into and out of position quickly for each new workpiece to be welded.

    The workpiece end cap is pressed into the workpiece shell to provide a tight fit up between the shell and end cap for a joggle weld joint, at the weld lathe. Pandjiris designed fixtures to fit the end cap of the shells, with a precise distance from the head and tailstock faceplates maintained, allowing room for head fittings and foot rings.

    The EZ Link™ Controller puts automated equipment control functions at the operator's fingertips. Welding and motion functions are coordinated in an easy-to-use package. The PVSC-C EZ Link Controller automatically adjusts surface travel speed based on the part diameter input by the operator. A pass counter permits multi-pass welding with an optional limit switch arrangement.


    Click for larger image.

    Integrated Robotic Welding Cell

    Pandjiris designed an integrated robotic pipe welding cell which utilizes Lincoln Electric's STT process to perform multi-pass, open root pipe welding. The cell consists of a Lincoln/Fanuc Robot arm fully integrated with a Pandjiris headstock and outboard support roller. This configuration can be adapted to larger applications.

    For more information contact our sales department!.


    Delta System

    Discuss solutions to your application with our staff.

    Call Sales: 314-776-6893

    Click here for PDF File

    Pipe Welding Systems

    Automated Pipe Welding for
    All Pipe Welding Fab Shops,
    Mechanical Contractors

    Pandjiris designed a basic package to meet the needs of a variety of applications. The Delta Systems, when integrated with Lincoln’s STT/Powerwave technology, combine simplicity and flexibility to bring an economical approach to automatic pipe welding. The use of an adjustable base positioner in combination with an adjustable height outboard stand accommodates a wide range of pipe diameters. Outboard stand(s) rides on "V" groove casters on "V" track to maintain a consistent centerline of rotation. The manual manipulator mounted on a push cart on "V" track allows easy positioning of the welding torch anywhere along the length of the pipe. The use of dovetail slides with mechanical oscillator permits easy torch positioning and adjustment along with an ability to weld a wide range of joint configurations. Contact your local Pandjiris Representative with your application specifics for a total engineering solution.

    Both models include:

    • 6x6 Manipulator mounted on manual push car on “V” Track
    • Lincoln STT/Powerwave
    • Pandjiris Model OS-30 Outboard Support Stand on Casters and “V” Track
    • Dovetail slides with mechanical oscillator

    The Delta I System also includes:

    • Pandjiris Model 30-6 MVRMTAB Positioner
    • Model A Gripper
    • 600 PT Welding Ground

    The Delta II System also includes:

    • Pandjiris Model HS-30 Headstock
    • Model A Gripper
    • 600 PT Welding Ground

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