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Head & Tail Stocks

  • Rigid box section frames.
  • Oversize anti-friction bearings.
  • Ball bearing motors are totally enclosed and fan cooled.
  • Worm gear reducers for smooth operation under heavy loads.
  • Minimal backlash.
  • Solid state controls with dynamic braking on variable speed models.
  • Pendants are amphenol plug type which are field installable and interchangeable.
  • High frequency protection.
  • Constant speed or variable speed rotation drives.
  • High productivity: heavy duty design.
  • Safety.
  • Forward/stop/reverse footswitch.
  • Fast/slow footswitch.
  • Preset digital tachometer.
  • Dial weld.
  • Tach feedback.
  • Special voltages.
  • Copper welding ground.
  • Grippers.
  • Drop center to offset eccentric loads.


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Pandjiris Head and Tail Stocks are designed to withstand high production cycles yet are cost justifiable at low cycle rates. A variety of Head and Tail Stocks are available including standard units with customized fixturing: power elevation, pinned elevation, rail style, and rail car rotators. In addition, Head Stocks work well with idler rolls and/or outboard support stands for rotating and capturing large bulky parts.

The frames for the Head and Tail Stocks are rigid box section, all-welded construction. Additional rigidity is accomplished by utilizing oversize anti-friction bearings and by having a welded connection between table and kingpin. The table is driven by an A.C. Brakemotor, through roller chain and sprockets to a high efficiency worm reducer and a final spur gear stage.

Combined with a manipulator or side beam and carriage, our head and tail stocks can provide a semiautomated or fully automated system.

For specific applications, contact your Pandjiris Representative or call us direct. We have a large variety of engineered Head and Tail Stocks available to meet your exacting needs.

Model Total Weight Capacity Rotation Torque(in. lbs.)
Overhung CG
Rotation Centerline
HTS-60 6,000lbs. 15,000 5" 31-1/4" 30" Click Here
HTS-120 12,000lbs. 72,000 12" 36" 48" Click Here
HTS-200 20,000lbs. 120,000 12" 36" 48" Click Here
HTS-320 32,000lbs. 192,000 12" 50" 59" Click Here
HTS-400 40,000lbs. 240,000 12" 50" 59" Click Here
HTS-500 50,000lbs. 300,000 12" 58" 60" Click Here
HTS-600 60,000lbs. 360,000 12" 63-3/4" 59-1/2" Click Here


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