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Side Beams & Carriages

Basic Carriage Control Functions:
  • Power on/off switch and light.
  • Auto/manual switch and light.
  • Forward/off/reverse.
  • Speed potentiometer.
  • Rapid pushbutton.
  • Socket for auto travel.
Optional Carriage Controls & Accessories:
  • Limit switch and return home.
  • Digital speed Indicator.
  • Weld start/stop.
  • Torch lift circuit.
  • Weld head mountings.
  • Slides and swivels.
  • Tach feedback.
  • Manual disengage.
  • Manual carriage.
  • Pneumatic torch lift.
  • Automatic voltage control.
  • Oscillation.
  • Seam tracking
  • Video.
  • Fume exhaust mounting.
  • Torch lead/lag brackets.
  • Remote mounting of reels or flux delivery and recovery systems.
  • Fixed and elevating stanchions.
  • Power cable support track.
  • "Step over" overlay control.
  • Bulk wire systems.


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Variable Speed Carriages
Pandjiris offers three sizes of heavy duty sidebeam carriages of welded steel construction. Pandjiris travel carriages provide maximum tracking accuracy of the arc, while requiring minimum power for efficiency. These precision machined welding carriages roll on hardened, anti-friction bearing-equipped rollers. All drives are positive rack and pinion type to eliminate slippage, and feature SCR-Solid State Control. Power driven rapid traverse is standard, allowing the operator to return the carriage quickly without disturbing the preset welding speed. Pandjiris carriages are compatible with all major welding processes.

Side Beam Track
Pandjiris also manufactures two precision built models of side beam track to provide a complete side beam track welding system. The heavy-duty box beam and precision track blade assembly is adjustable and repeatable for accurate alignment of carriage and welding torch. There are two sizes of side beams. A 12-inch blade is designed to support the Pandjiris 1,500 lb. and 2,100 lb. capacity carriages. The 15-inch blade is also available for extremely heavy-duty applications using the VSC 40-12 Carriage with a 4,000 lb. weight capacity at 12 inches off the face of the carriage.

Stanchions to support the side beam are available as either a standard five-foot height or with manual or powered adjustable height.

Model A B C D E F G
VSC-15-3 26-1/4" 17" 8-1/2" Disengage Lever 12" 8" 6"
VSC-21-12 26-1/4" 17" 10" Optional 12" 8" 6"
VSC-40-12 48-3/4" 20" 6-5/8" N/A 14-1/2" 10" 10"

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