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Pandjiris® Positioners

Pandjiris® has a full line of positioners in numerous standard models. Cantilevered models range from 300-pound units up and include adjustable and fixed based models on the smaller positioners, and power elevating models on the larger units. Various models and types can be custom manufactured to fit nearly every requirement, such as drop center positioners and gas chambered positioners. Our positioners are often combined with a manipulator to produce a work cell for high quality, efficient, automated welding applications.

If you have special applications, contact our distributor or representative nearest you or Pandjiris® directly. We manufacture positioners to fit your exacting needs at a reasonable cost and payback schedule. Whether used as a stand-alone unit or as part of a complete system, Pandjiris® positioners provide years of reliable, productive service.

Pandjiris® Quickset Grippers

Pandjiris® Quickset Grippers are specifically designed and built for the welding industry. These grippers incorporate many features that make them especially suitable for the welding environment. These features include single point cam operation of the jaws and adjustable quick change reversible jaws that can be positioned for small and large diameter workpieces. Heavy duty construction and a completely enclosed face prevents flux and weld splatter from impairing the operation of the gripper.

The self-centering mechanism makes changing parts quick and easy. The three standard jaws and three ball lock pins provided with the gripper ensure quick location of the approximate diameter of the part. A few turns of the handle moves the jaws simultaneously and equally to self center and lock the part in place. A safety device prevents the gripper from being over-torqued.

Pandjiris® Turning Rolls

Constant Centerline

Pandjiris® manufactures a complete line of Constant Centerline Turning Rolls. The constant centerline models include:

THE PIPER SERIES with a capacity range of 1,500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs: Mini Pipers, Piper 3, and Super Piper. Designed for the smaller capacity applications, these turning rolls are no light weights when it comes to providing the same reliability and endurance of the larger models.

THE TANKER SERIES with a capacity range of 8,000 to 15,000 lbs.: Tanker 80/40 and Tanker 150/75. Pandjiris® designed these Turning Rolls to meet the needs of the weld shop that handles a wide range of diameter sizes. Since there are no wheel adjustments for different diameters, they maintain a constant centerline, providing a quick change over from one size workpiece to another.

THE MISSOURI MULE (MM) SERIES with a capacity range of 30,000 lbs to 180,000 lbs. or more. These turning rolls are the true work horses of the industry. Designed for heavy-duty use and quick change-over from one size workpiece to another, these turning rolls provide high quality, reliability, and economy by minimizing down time. Since they maintain a constant centerline, they are an excellent choice to use in combination with a manipulator for applications that require both circumferential and longitudinal automated welding.

Pandjiris® Turning Rolls

Torque-Tube Wheel Design

Pandjiris® PR Series has the Torque-Tube Wheel Design. PR Rolls are ideal for turning varying diameter cylindrical work pieces.

These large capacity (10,000 lbs. to 480,000 lbs. or more), heavy duty turning rolls are manufactured by Pandjiris® to exceed industry standards for performance and reliability while being priced competitively. Use them in job shop applications or integrated custom systems.

Pandjiris® Manipulators

Pandjiris® offers manipulators to handle any positioning job from our small manual manipulators to systems with 35′ stroke and more. Whether you need a basic manipulator or a fully integrated system, Pandjiris® can meet your needs. When your application calls for long continuous welds or torch placement for hard-to-reach parts, call Pandjiris® or your Pandjiris® Representative for a quote on a system to meet your specifications.

Pandjiris® Slides and Swivels

A quality slide is essential for the proper alignment of the torch to the weld area. Pandjiris® slides assure you that the torch will be accurately positioned with a smooth easy stroke. Both manual and power slides may be used vertically or horizontally so they can be easily compounded. Few slides can match the weight capacity or superior operation of Pandjiris® slides.

Mounted on Pandjiris® manipulators, side beams, or other torch articulation equipment, these heavy-duty slides are ideal for fine horizontal and vertical adjustments to the torch. Varying lengths of stroke are available to meet nearly all weld requirements, either powered or manual.

MODEL 21 & 61 SLIDES are available either in a manual or powered style. 1″ diameter precision, hardened and ground guide rods provide a perfect path for the sealed linear ball bushings. This provides easy and accurate movement of the weld head.

MODEL 615 SLIDE comes with the same precision as the 21 and 61 slides but is built for heavy-duty applications with a 1-1/2″ diameter guide rod.

Pneumatic Slides are available in both 1” and 1-1/2” guide rod versions.

PANDJIRIS® SW180 SWIVEL is ideal for mounting all welding head apparatus. It swings at +90°, 0°, -90° about a vertical axis. It allows orientation of the welding torch, flux pick-up, and seam tracker probes without disassembly or remounting. The SW 180 is ideal for side beam carriages or manipulators to allow both circumferential and longitudinal welds. A rotary swivel for rotation about a horizontal axis is also available. Additional head adjustments for lead/lag and impingement angles are offered through the universal torch mounting brackets.

Pandjiris® Sidebeams and Carriages

Variable Speed Carriages

Pandjiris® offers three sizes of heavy duty side beam carriages of welded steel construction. Pandjiris® travel carriages provide maximum tracking accuracy of the arc, while requiring minimum power for efficiency. These precision machined welding carriages roll on hardened, anti-friction bearing-equipped rollers. All drives are positive rack and pinion type to eliminate slippage and feature SCRSolid State Control. Power driven rapid traverse is standard, allowing the operator to return the carriage quickly without disturbing the preset welding speed. Pandjiris® carriages are compatible with all major welding processes.

Side Beam Track

Pandjiris® also manufactures two precision built models of side beam track to provide a complete side beam track welding system. The heavy-duty box beam and precision track blade assembly is adjustable and repeatable for accurate alignment of carriage and welding torch. There are two sizes of side beams. A 12-inch blade is designed to support the Pandjiris® 1,500 lb. and 2,100 lb. capacity carriages. The 15-inch blade is also available for extremely heavy-duty applications using the VSC 40-12 Carriage with a 4,000 lb. weight capacity at 12 inches off the face of the carriage.

Stanchions to support the side beam are available as either a standard five-foot height or with manual or powered adjustable height.

Pandjiris® Seamers

OUR STANDARD LONGITUDINAL SEAMERS ARE AVAILABLE as either external or internal/flat sheet models. They are specifically designed for making 100% penetration, single pass welds on cylinders and flat sheets while minimizing or eliminating heat distortion to the material.

Through a unique engineering design, buildup of magnetism is minimized which reduces or eliminates arc blow.

Pandjiris®‘ standard external seamers are cantilevered from one end to allow loading and unloading of cylinders and other closed sections requiring a longitudinal seam. Pandjiris® seamers provide exceptional visibility around the weld head and work area. Typical seamers are used to perform butt welds, but with slight modifications, certain corner joints and lap welds can also be welded efficiently such as cones and bowed shapes.

Pandjiris® has designed a quick-change rocking back up bar. This patented design minimizes down time when changing back up bars. It is ideal for situations where seamers are run continuously, different materials are being welded, or in applications where materials of different thicknesses are being welded.

Pandjiris® Head and Tailstock

Pandjiris® Head and Tail Stocks are designed to withstand high production cycles yet are cost justifiable at low cycle rates. A variety of Head and Tail Stocks are available including standard units with customized fixturing: power elevation, pinned elevation, rail style, and rail car rotators. In addition, Head Stocks work well with idler rolls and/or outboard support stands for rotating and capturing large bulky parts.

The frames for the Head and Tail Stocks are rigid box section, all-welded construction. Additional rigidity is accomplished by utilizing oversize anti-friction bearings and by having a welded connection between table and kingpin. The table is driven by an A.C. Brakemotor, through roller chain and sprockets to a high-efficiency worm reducer and a final spur gear stage.

Combined with a manipulator or side beam and carriage, our head and tail stocks can provide a semi-automated or fully automated system.

For specific applications, contact your Pandjiris® Representative or call us direct. We have a large variety of engineered Head and Tail Stocks available to meet your exacting needs.

Pandjiris® Turntables

Pandjiris® Turntables have low profiles and provide rotation of parts on heavy steel plate tables. Turning capacities are available for nearly every application up to 150 tons or more. Variable rotation speeds in both forward and reverse are standard with remote pendants housing the speed control and forward/reverse buttons.

With options added or as part of a system, Pandjiris® turntables can be used in numerous applications: inspection, painting, flame cutting, welding, and much more. Indexing turntables have been designed to meet the exacting needs of robotic applications including a 40,000 lb. capacity model with a 20’ diameter that rotated 180° in 15 seconds and positioned itself within + 0.100” on the outside perimeter of the table.

Pandjiris® EZ Link® Series Controllers


Pandjiris®’ EZ LINK® Series Controllers are user-friendly, PLC-based controllers designed to provide flexibility for the operator. The EZ LINK® Controllers put automated equipment control functions at your fingertips. Welding and motion functions are coordinated in an easy-to-use package.

EZ LINK® Series Controllers are perfect for upgrades and retrofitting your existing equipment, whether it’s Pandjiris® or another manufacturer.

The front panel layout includes a large graphic 132 x 64 pixels display. Custom-designed PLC program permits a wide range of programmed sequence configurations.


Longitudinal Welding: The PVSC-L controller is standard on all Pandjiris® travel carriages. Speed control, travel start and stop delays can be preset. The PVSC-L will control both the travel carriage and initiation of the weld sequence. Weld length can be controlled by a timer distance sensing encoder or limit switch. An automatic home sequence can also be programmed.

Circumferential Welding: The PVSC-C controller is designed for circumferential systems, including precision lathes, positioners, and head-and-tailstock systems. Like the PVSC-L, the controller includes speed control, travel start and stop delays, and the ability to initiate the weld sequence. The PVSC-C controller automatically adjusts surface travel speed based on the part diameter input by the operator. A pass counter permits multi-pass welding with an optional pass counting limit switch arrangement. Weld degrees can also be preset and counted with our optional distance sensing encoder.

Contact your local Pandjiris® representative or our St. Louis office to find out how the EZ LINK® Series Controller will make your life EZ’er!

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