Pandjiris® Quickset Grippers

Pandjiris® Quickset Grippers are specially designed and built for the welding industry. These grippers incorporate many features that make them especially suitable for the welding environment. These features include single point cam operation of the jaws and adjustable quick change reversible jaws that can be positioned for small and large diameter workpieces. Heavy duty construction and a completely enclosed face prevents flux and weld splatter from impairing the operation of the gripper.

The self-centering mechanism makes changing parts quick and easy. The three standard jaws and three ball lock pins provided with the gripper ensure quick location of the approximate diameter of the part. A few turns of the handle moves the jaws simultaneously and equally to self center and lock the part in place. A safety device prevents the gripper from being over-torqued.


Model Clamping
J-15 1-1/2″ to 15″ 250 lb. 1″ Alpha & Beta only See More
TJ-20 1″ to 20″ 1,000 lb. 5″ Beta & 15-4 See More
A 1-1/2″ to 31-1/4″ 3,000 lb. 5″ 15-4 thru 30-12 See More
B 1-1/2″ to 44-3/8″ 3,000 lb. 5″ 15-4 AB thru 30-12 See More
B-60 1-12″ to 68″ 3,000 lb. 5″ 30-6 thru 60-12 See More
C-48 3″ to 52″ 7,500 lb. 5″ 30-12 thru 60-12 See More
C-60 3″ to 68″ 7,500 lb. 5″ 30-12 thru 60-12 See More
D 1-1/4″ to 54″ 20,000 lb. 12″ Consult Factory See More
E 2-3/16″ to 84″ 30,000 lb. 12″ Consult Factory See More


  • Self-centering

  • Can’t be clogged by splatter and steel chips

  • Quick-change reversible jaws

Available Options:

  • Hardened, serrated jaws for maximum gripping capacity

  • Circular, knurled jaws for rectangular, oval, and odd-shaped workpieces

  • Extended length jaws

  • Light gauge jaws

  • Grippers to handle heavier weights are available


  • Easy change out of workpieces

  • Safety device prevents gripper from being overtorqued

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