Pandjiris® Turning Rolls

Constant Centerline

Pandjiris® manufactures a complete line of constant centerline turning rolls.

The constant centerline models include:

Pandjiris® The Piper Series

THE PIPER SERIES with a capacity range of 1,500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs: Mini Pipers, Piper 3, and Super Piper. Designed for the smaller capacity applications, these turning rolls are no light weights when it comes to providing the same reliability and endurance of the larger models.

Pandjiris® The Tanker Series

THE TANKER SERIES with a capacity range of 8,000 to 15,000 lbs.: Tanker 80/40 and Tanker 150/75. Pandjiris® designed these Turning Rolls to meet the needs of the weld shop that handles a wide range of diameter sizes. Since there are no wheel adjustments for different diameters, they maintain a constant centerline, providing a quick change over from one size workpiece to another.

The Missouri Mule Series

THE MISSOURI MULE (MM) SERIES with a capacity range of 30,000 lbs to 180,000 lbs. or more. These turning rolls are the true work horses of the industry. Designed for heavy-duty use and quick change-over from one size workpiece to another, these turning rolls provide high quality, reliability, and economy by minimizing down time. Since they maintain a constant centerline, they are an excellent choice to use in combination with a manipulator for applications that require both circumferential and longitudinal automated welding.

Turning Rolls – Constant Center:

Model Turning
(Power Roll)
(Each Unit)
Mini Piper 1,500lbs. 750lbs. 2″ to 16″ 6″ 2″ 1.0 to 50 8-1/2″ See More
Piper 3 6,000lbs. 2,000lbs. 3-1/2″ to 40″ 12″ 2-1/2″ 3.3 to 66 15″ See More
Super Piper 10/5 10,000lbs. 5,000lbs. 10″ to 48″ 12″ 1-7/8″ 9 to 180 15″ See More
Tanker 80/40 8,000lbs. 4,000lbs. 4 to 144″ 12″ 10-7/8″ 5.0 to 105 26-11/16″ See More
Tanker 150/75 15,000lbs. 7,500lbs. 3.5″ to 144″ 16″ 4″ 4.4 to 88 26″ See More
MM-15/5-T 30,000lbs. 10,000lbs. 4″ to 144″ 16″ 4″ 2.1 to 63.5 32.11″ See More
MM-30/15-T 60,000lbs. 30,000lbs. 12″to 16′ 20″ 10″ 1.7 to 50.2 42.16″ See More
MM-60/30-T 120,000lbs. 60,000lbs. 12″ to 16′ 20″ 15″ 2.0 to 61.4 42.16″ See More
MM 90/45-T 180,000lbs. 90,000lbs. 12″ to 16′ 20″ 32″ 2.0 to 61.4 42.16″ See More

Pandjiris® Turning Rolls

Low Profile Constant Center Torque Tube Rolls

Pandjiris® low profile constant turning rolls provide a robust design to handle a wide range of cylindrical application. These large capacity (20,000 lbs. to 900,000 lbs. or more), heavy duty turning rolls are manufactured by Pandjiris, in the United States, to exceed industry standards for performance and reliability while being priced competitively. Use them in job shop applications or integrated custom systems. The constant center design is available with a variety of options including foot switches and preset surface speed digital readout.

Low Profile Constant Center Torque Tube Rolls:

Model Weight
PR-30/10-CC 10,000lbs. 10,00lbs. 1,385lbs. 2.1 to 63.4 See More
PR-50/17-CC 17,000lbs. 17,000lbs. 2,309lbs. 2.1 to 63.3 See More
PR-50/25-CC 25,000lbs. 25,000lbs. 2,309lbs. 2.1 to 63.3 See More
PR-60/30-CC 30,000lbs. 30,000lbs. 2,771lbs. 2.2 to 66.6 See More
PR-100/34-CC 34,000lbs. 34,000lbs. 4,619lbs. 2.2 to 66.6 See More
PR-120/60-CC 60,000lbs. 60,000lbs. 5,543lbs. 2.6 to 77.7 See More
PR-180/60-CC 60,000lbs. 60,000lbs. 8,314lbs. 2.6 to 77.7 See More
PR-180/90-CC 90,000lbs. 90,000lbs. 8,314lbs. 2.6 to 77.7 See More
PR-240/120-CC 120,000lbs. 120,000lbs. 11,085lbs. 2 to 48 See More
PR-270/135-CC 135,000lbs. 135,000lbs. 12,471lbs. 2 to 48 See More
PR-400/200-CC 200,000lbs. 200,000lbs. 18,476lbs. 1.3 to 40 See More
PR-900/450-CC 450,000lbs. 450,000lbs. 41,570lbs. 1.3 to 40 Coming Soon!


All Models:

  • Hand pendant with forward/stop/ reverse, speed potentiometer, and fast button is standard.

  • Universal plug allows for easy installation and change out of foot switches, hand pendants, and tachometers.

  • Variable speed controls.

  • Heavy-duty construction for longer service life.

  • High quality worm gear reducers for smooth operation.

  • Solid state controls with dynamic braking on the rotation drives.

MM Series:

  • Constant centerline.

  • Superior worm gears.

  • Quick, accurate roll center changes.

  • Positively driven drive roll connection.

Available Options:

  • Forward/stop/reverse foot switch

  • Fast/slow foot switch

  • Preset digital tachometer

  • Steel wheels

  • Overload discs

  • Thrust rolls

  • Anti-skewing system

  • Spring loaded casters


All Models:

  • Consistent quality.

MM Series:

  • Increased productivity: quick turnover minimizes downtime, increases productivity.

  • Versatile: accommodates workpieces with projections and overhung loads.

  • Accurate: precision roll adjustment settings.

  • Space saving: requires less floor space than other rolls their size.

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