Pandjiris Manipulators


Pandjiris® Manipulators Available Safety Bulletin Pandjiris® offers manipulators to handle any positioning job from our small manual manipulators to systems with 35' stroke and more. Whether you need a basic manipulator or a fully integrated system, Pandjiris can meet your needs. When your application calls for long continuous welds or

Pandjiris Slides and Swivels


Pandjiris® Slides and Swivels Available Safety Bulletin A quality slide is essential for the proper alignment of the torch to the weld area. Pandjiris® slides assure you that the torch will be accurately positioned with a smooth easy stroke. Both manual and power slides may be used vertically or horizontally so

Pandjiris Seamers


Pandjiris® Seamers Available Safety Bulletin Our standard longitudinal seamers are available as either external or internal/flat sheet models. They are specifically designed for making 100% penetration, single pass welds on cylinders and flat sheets while minimizing or eliminating heat distortion to the material. Through a unique engineering design, buildup of magnetism is

Pandjiris Head and Tail Stocks


Pandjiris® Head & Tail Stocks Available Safety Bulletin Pandjiris® Head and Tail Stocks are designed to withstand high production cycles yet are cost justifiable at low cycle rates. A variety of Head and Tail Stocks are available including standard units with customized fixturing: power elevation, pinned elevation, rail style, and

Pandjiris Positioners


Pandjiris® Positioners Available Safety Bulletin Pandjiris® has a full line of positioners in numerous standard models. Cantilevered models range from 500-pound units up and include adjustable and fixed based models on the smaller positioners, and power elevating models on the larger units. Various models and types can be custom manufactured to fit

Pandjiris Side Beams and Carriages


Pandjiris® Side Beams & Carriages Available Safety Bulletin Variable Speed Carriages Pandjiris® offers three sizes of heavy duty sidebeam carriages of welded steel construction. Pandjiris® travel carriages provide maximum tracking accuracy of the arc, while requiring minimum power for efficiency. These precision machined welding carriages roll on hardened, anti-friction bearing-equipped

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