Safety Bulletins

As a part of Pandjiris continuing improvement efforts, we have published Safety Bulletins for certain Pandjiris products and mechanisms used in those products.

The safe operation and use of Pandjiris equipment is our prime concern. Accordingly, it is imperative that end users, having the most knowledge of their operations, implement appropriate maintenance, training and operating procedures, after performing engineering analysis to ensure their work piece will interact with Pandjiris equipment safely and as intended. To PREVENT SERIOUS ACCIDENT or INJURY, all individuals in contact with Pandjiris products should read and understand the following safety bulletins and all associated equipment manuals.

Engineering Services, if needed, and equipment manuals are available through our Customer Service department.

Positioners, Head & Tailstocks, and Grippers
(All Models)

Regarding general safety information updates, implementing appropriate maintenance, training, and operating procedures.

Chain or Cable Lift Mechanism

Regarding equipment without anti-fall safety mechanisms.

(All Models)

Regarding individuals in contact with any seamer application.

Turning Rolls
(All Models)

Regarding individuals in contact with any turning roll application.